malmo hero image
Malmö is a bicycle bag to help cyclists carry a few small belongings and keep them dry. As much as we try to avoid riding in the rain, sometimes it catches you by surprise. This bag was a theoretical experiment in making a new product for the Swedish raincoat brand Stutterheim and matching it to their brand language. The below images show product made by the brand, some in collaboration with other brands.
Brand Details
malmo inspiration images
The existing products I studied have a soft, minimal aesthetic and add interest through carefully considered details. The most notable of which include bright silver hardware, leather accents, color blocking and their signature rubberized cotton fabric. With those in mind I explored form and function through a series of sketches before moving on to several mock-ups and the final working prototype.
malmo form development sketches
malmo process image 1
malmo process image 2
End Result
malmo details image 1
malmo details image 3
malmo details image 2
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